CFPB Resource Center - Know Before You Close

It's here! Are you ready? Do you know what has changed? Do you know how those regulatory changes will impact your job? Most importantly, can you answer the questions your clients are going to be asking you?

As many of you know, 2015 is a year of tremendous change as a result of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) Final Rule that went into effect with new loans originated December 1, 2015 and after.

Chicago Title has launched a “Know Before You Close" CFPB Readiness Awareness Program to help ensure that we have frequent communication with our clients. Please check back frequently for updates.

You can also find useful information from the CFPB website at

CFPB Educational Videos:

Lisa Tyler, FNF National Escrow Administrator Series

1. Introduction to the CFPB

2. New Rules New Forms
3. New Definitions 4. Loan Estimate

FNF CFPB Animated Series

1. What is the CFPB 2. New Forms and New Rules Explained
3. The New Loan Estimate Explained 4. The New Closing Disclosure Explained
5. New Terms 6. The Owner's Policy

CFPB Slideshow (Powerpoint Format):

New Forms Explained

CFPB Flyers (PDF):

CFPB Announces Proposal to Delay TRID Implementation Until October 3rd

What is the CFPB?

New Closing Disclosure Explained

New Closing Disclosure Timeline

Changes to the Closing Disclosure Timeline

CPL and Insurance Policy Comparisons

Five Things Attorneys Need to Know Before October 3rd

Five Things Escrow Agents Need to Know Before October 3rd

Five Things Lenders Need to Know Before October 3rd

Five Things Realtors Need to Know Before October 3rd - Part 1

Five Things Realtors Need to Know Before October 3rd - Part 2

Lenders Compliance Checklist

Tila-Respa Integrated Disclosure Rule

Guide to Forms

Readiness Guide

The New Loan Estimate Sample

The New Closing Disclosure Sample

CFPB Timeline Infographic

Mobile-Friendly QR Codes to Animated Series Videos

Things You Should Know After October 3rd

Will the CFPB Ruling Delay My Closing?

Which Form Will You Receive?